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2017 Winery and Vineyard

Barrel Wash Safari Creek Barrel

New for 2017 a Barrel!!! A barrel was generously gifted by Montagu Wines to Safari Creek Wines. The barrel has only been used 1 year (for white wine) and is from the French "Vosges" forest. The barrel was not used in 2016 so a good cleaning was needed before the 2017 harvest. We took it to Vic at Barrel Blasters in Napa. They have a very unique process for cleaning and restoring wine barrels by sand blasting with crushed dry ice. Check out the full explanation on their web site, link above. Vic and son restored the Safari Creek barrel (very quickly) on July 7th; a really fun and educational experience.

Barrel Inserts

While I was there they also had some of Domaine Chandon barrels they were doing a special restoration of. Vic showed me the special barrel inserts they were making for Domaine Chandon...did I want the same? Well Safari Creek has to keep up with the Chandon's, so YES!!! After which they used the flour and water mix (the "mud" as they call it) to reseal our barrel which is now ready for the 2017 harvest.

Vosges Forest:The oak from the Vosges forests west of Alsace became popular with wine-makers in the early 1980s. This wood is usually tight-grained and resembles the oak from Nievre and Allier. Oak experts say they can identify this wood by its 'clear' or 'white' colour. However, the character of Vosges woods varies according the altitude of the stand. Compared to wood from Nevers and Allier, Vosges tends to be wider-grained.

Vineyard Vineyard Vineyard

Year #4 for the Safari Creek vineyard. The vines are slowly maturing. 2017 will be our first harvest.

Vineyard Vineyard Vineyard

First harvest, 100 pounds(6 buckets)...well you have to start somewhere!!!!

The 2017 harvest:

  • August 20 - Safari Creek Chardonnay - 100 lbs
  • August 23 - Brentwood Chardonnay - 800 lbs
  • September 2 - Brentwood Cabernet Sauvignon - 1407 lbs
  • September 6 - Brentwood Sauvignon Blanc - 520 lbs
Cab in Crusher Cab in Barrels

Maybe a bit too much Cab??? Needed 60 gallons for barrel...result 90 gallons...oh my!!!!

Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay Chardonnay from Safari Creek Vineyard Cabernet Rose Cabernet Sauvignon

Left to right the 2017 Vintages are: (mouse bottle to see award)

  • =>Cabernet Sauvignon
         Award Winner: 2019 WineMaker
         International Competition
  • =>Cabernet Sauvignon Rose'
  • =>Chardonnay - "Private Reserve"
         from Safari Creek Vineyard
  • =>Chardonnay
  • =>Sauvignon Blanc