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2019 Winery and Vineyard

April 1 April 1

April 1 - Vineyard images...a new year begins...#6 for Safari Creek

The emphasize for 2019 wine making is going to be our first Champagne. Well technically since we are not getting my grapes from the Champagne region of France we will be making Cremant. Cremant sparkling wine is made with the same technique as Champagne, but from outside the Champagne region. Cremant employs labor-intensive secondary bottle fermentation as does Champagne. Our first ever sparkling wine will be made from a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris. Stay tune...

May 11 May 11

May 11 - A month (or so) later and the vineyard is well on its way for another great vintage....if the rain would ever stop!!!!

July 1 July 1

July 1 - The rains did stop and the vineyard grew to maturity. Still a month to go before veraison but the grapes are slowly gaining size.

The 2019 harvest: 2,528 pounds

  • August 9 - Chardonnay - 104lbs (Brentwood) [Brix: 18, pH:3.40] **Sparkling**
  • August 11 - Pinot Gris - 102lbs (Tracy) [Brix:21, pH:3.36] **Sparkling**
  • August 11 - Sangiovese - 202lbs (Tracy) [Brix:22, pH:3.38]
  • August 21 - Sauvignon Blanc - 100lbs (Placerville) [Brix:20.0, pH:2.76] **Sparkling**
  • September 2 - Pinotage - 393lbs (Placerville) [Brix:25.7, pH:3.50]
  • September 4 - Chardonnay - 658lbs (Safari Creek Vineyard) [Brix:23.5, pH:3.70]
  • September 7 - Sauvignon Blanc - 575lbs (Grass Valley) [Brix:22.2, pH:3.49]
  • September 11 - Vermentino - 394lbs (Winters) [Brix:23.5, pH:3.8]
Chardonnay Vermentino Pinotage